NNLSO History
NNLSO began as a series of discussions at the 1978 AACRAO annual meetings in Miami.

Message from the Director

As I said to you last year, November is one of those complicated months: The challenge is to balance the various demands on our time. We are about to embark on high-intensity tasks in our work places. Admissions officers are reviewing applicants; registrars are preparing for examination season and the particular anxiety that first-year students face. At the same time, we begin a holiday season that gives us time to share joy with our family and friends.

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The Vanguard Prize

The Vanguard Prize recognizes individuals for outstanding professional achievement in support of student services. The $500 award is earmarked for professional development related to the recipient’s office in any form that the recipient school approves.

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The National Network of Law School Officers (NNLSO) is a nonprofit, professional organization designed for the educational and professional development of all law school officers.

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