Officers & Board

Executive Officers and Governing Board 2015-2018

Executive Officers

Executive Director

Judith Calvert

(2015-2017) Assistant Dean and Registrar Yale Law School 203.432.1680
Image of Judith Calvert

Assistant Executive Director

Colleen Timmons

(2016-2018) Assistant Dean, Academic Services Tulane University School of Law 504.862.8835
Image of Colleen Timmons


Jay Ruffner

(2016-2018) Director of Academic Services Case Western Reserve University School of Law 216.368.3280
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Claire E. Wallace

(2016-2018) Associate Dean and Registrar Penn Law School 215.746.4140
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NNLSO Journal Editor

Courtney Hennigan

(2015-2017) Registrar UC Davis School of Law 530.752.0246
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Ex Officio
Web Editor

Ken Pokrowski

Fordham University School of Law Assistant Dean of Academic Records and Research 212.636.6804
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Board of Directors

Jerri Cunningham

(2015-2017) Registrar Baylor Law School 254.710.1911
Image of Jerri Cunningham

Connie R. Shipman

(2016-2018) Registrar Campbell University School of Law 919.865.4660
Image of Connie R. Shipman

GaeLynn Kuchar

(2016-2018) Registrar J. Reuben Clark Law School
Brigham Young University
Image of GaeLynn Kuchar

Felisha K. McCaster

(2015-2017) Registrar Stetson University School of Law 727-562-7800 Ext. 7841
Image of Felisha K. McCaster

Pontus C. Niklasson

(2015-2017) Assistant Dean and Registrar University of Washington School of Law 206.543.0634
Image of Pontus C. Niklasson

Edward J. Upton

(2016-2018) Registrar The University of Mississippi School of Law 662.915.6905
Image of Edward J. Upton

Jay Shively

(2016-2017) Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid Wake Forest University School of Law 336.758.5705
Image of Jay Shively