NNLSO Research Grant Program

NNLSO is pleased to offer research grants of up to $2,000.00, in support of the creation of publishable research papers for our NNLSO Journal.  The NNLSO Research Grant Program provides funds to members of the organization to assist NNLSO and the law school community in gaining needed quantifiable information that can be used to inform those who make significant decisions regarding legal education.

Of particular interest are proposals for research in the area of Bar Passage data collection and reporting.  NNLSO will also consider other topics, and encourages interested parties to submit proposals.

Research grants are intended to help recipients cover the direct costs of research projects, including temporary assistance, printing, postage, and preparation of papers and reports. In addition, the Grant will also provide a stipend for the grant recipient.  Grants are not awarded for program start-up expenses for a particular law school, doctrinal studies, or projects that involve experimental activities. Proposals will be judged on the importance of the questions addressed and the quality of the research designs.

Proposal Requirements

Proposals should include a full description of the nature of the project and its relevance.  Completed projects should conform to the guidelines below.

  • Manuscripts for research articles should be no longer than 3,500 words.

  • All submissions must be sent as an attachment via e-mail.

  • References should be formatted in author-date style and follow guidelines provided on page 526 of The Chicago Manual of Style, 14th edition, published by the University of Chicago Press. A list of references should appear at the end of the article. Text citations also follow the author-date format; examples may be found on page 641 of the Manual. For more information or for samples, please contact the editor.

  • In addition to being placed in the manuscript, the data for essential tables and charts should also be included in a separate Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet) file.
  • Articles are accepted for publication with the understanding that the editors reserve the right to edit for clarity and style.

  • Authors whose manuscripts are selected for submission will be asked to submit a short biographical statement and an abstract of their article, both no more than 35 words.

  • Do not submit articles that are under consideration for publication in another periodical.

Proposal Submissions

Submit manuscripts, letters, and direct inquiries to:

Judith Calvert
Assistant Dean and Registrar
Yale Law School
PO Box 208215
New Haven CT 06520

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NNLSO reserves the right to withhold project funding if progress reports are not submitted on time. Project milestones and executive summaries may be posted on the NNLSO website. NNLSO expects that authors will adapt their work for publication in the NNLSO Journal, as needed. Recipients are also asked to acknowledge NNLSO's support of their projects in all written and oral presentations.

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