2016 Vanguard Prize Recipient: Oral Hope

Posted on April 5th, 2017

I am happy to announce that Oral Hope of New York Law School was recognized as the recipient of the 2016 Vanguard Prize at the NNLSO Annual Business Meeting in Minneapolis earlier this year.  Oral serves as Associate Dean and Registrar at NYLS.   Many of you may know Oral through your association with NNLSO.    He received this award because of his outrageous sense of humor.  Really.  Well, okay, not really.  But he does have a penchant for playing practical jokes!  Many of us know him as a colleague who is always willing to share ideas, information, and provide moral support.  As a former member of the NNLSO Executive Committee, he served the organization well, always bringing ideas to the table.  He has presented several times over the years at the AACRAO/NNLSO Annual Meeting (or has been kind enough to volunteer colleagues on his staff to present!).  It is no wonder Oral was nominated for this award.

After being nominated by a NNLSO colleague, we received a glowing recommendation of Oral from William LaPiana, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at New York Law School.  There was plenty of supporting information packed into the endorsement letter.   Dean LaPiana pointed out that Oral is not afraid to use technology and frequently acts to shepherd his institution into using new platforms (exam software, exam procedures, grade curve calculations processes, etc. – theme here- making life easier for faculty!).  He has raised student services to “new heights of excellence.”  The students appreciate him so much that they organized “Dean Hope Day” several years ago.  We all know how difficult it is to make our students happy!   Dean LaPiana cites that not only does Oral prioritize student services, but he is a trusted advisor to students on topics academic and not, he works to recognize and solve problems, and is an outstanding leader not only in the Registrar’s Office, but in the law school.

Oral is a leader within our profession as well.   He makes those of us who work in student services areas look good, and he sets an example that I know I certainly can learn from!  We are lucky to have him as a friend and colleague.    Even if he is a practical joker!

Please join me in congratulating Oral for this much-deserved recognition of his outstanding service as a registrar, associate dean and to the student services profession.

Jerri Cunningham
Executive Director


Photo:  Vanguard Recipient, Oral Hope and NNLSO Executive Director, Judith Calvert (April 2017)