The National Network of Law School Officers (NNLSO) is a nonprofit, professional organization designed for the educational and professional development of all law school officers. Primarily, NNLSO addresses the concerns and issues of registrars and admissions officers. Although NNLSO is the only professional organization for law school registrars, it encourages and welcomes all department officials with the goal to facilitate and promote intra-departmental relations within a law school community.


  • TOactively recruit ABA law school officers to become vital members of NNLSO

  • TOprovide professional development, guidelines, and voluntary standards to be used by law school registrars, admission officers, and other law school officers regarding the best practices in records management, admissions, enrollment management, administrative information technology and student services

  • TOencourage professional and ethical standards for all law school officers

  • TOprovide a forum for discussion regarding policy initiation, development, interpretation, and implementation at the law school level

  • TOsupport members of NNLSO who engage in research that will contribute to improving aspects of student procedures for law school professionals

  • TOseek topics of contemporary interest from NNLSO members for presentation at national and regional conferences and for publication in The Journal