2008 Annual Conference – Orlando

AACRAO and NNLSO held their annual meeting in beautiful, sunny Orlando during the last week of March. An officers/board brunch was the first informal NNLSO meeting; it was followed by an Executive Committee Meeting, presided over by Executive Director, Lylene Pilkenton, at which the election results were ratified and the fall issue of the Journal was discussed. New board members and area representatives were announced and they took part in the meeting, which mainly concerned finalizing our planned sessions in Orlando. Additionally a Treasurer’s Report and Membership Update were presented by outgoing Treasurer, Chris Butzen.

2008 NNLSO sessions were the following:

  1. NNLSO Officers Opening Session, which along with general information about membership in NNLSO, included a panel discussion of various security/safety issues on and off campus.
  2. The “Wired Generation”-How Communication Technology is Transforming Student Culture was a presentation and discussion about the trends in students’ usage of technology, including My Space and Facebook and their legal implications.
  3. Alternative Recruiting Methods to Obtain a Diverse Class was focused on ways to achieve a diverse class without using race or ethnicity.
  4. Hot Topics-Registrars and Hot Topics-Admissions were question and answer sessions concerning specific problems and possible solutions pertaining to each group.
  5. Application Trends in Professional School Admissions was a presentation illustrating how application trends in professional schools are impacted by such forces as the economy, graduation rates and hiring trends.
  6. Law School Exams: Can’t Live with ‘Em, Can’t Live without ‘Em concerned a variety of exam topics and ideas for dealing with problems from various law schools.
  7. NNLSO Town Meeting was a discussion of various topics of interest to NNLSO members.
  8. Law School Security Issues was presented by Stan Young from Barry University who focused on emergency preparedness for personal safety, records and document backup and exam security.

Also discussed at the Executive Committee Meeting were possible topics for next year’s annual meeting, the Journal and an update on our Web Page. Additionally, an ad hoc committee presented their recommendations for revision of NNLSO bylaws. The committee recommended the amendments be voted at the 2009 business meting.

A discussion of the listserv resulted in a plan to update all members on important information -such as Nominations & Elections, Annual meeting, etc. – via a separate list. NNLSO will keep the current listserv Q and A which is by request only to allow members the opportunity to seek solutions and open the item for discussion.

A special highlight was the Annual Business Meeting and luncheon held on March 23, where Executive Director Pilkenton displayed the new NNLSO banner.

There was a discussion about the 2009 Annual Meeting at which there are plans to invite a ABA representative to discuss new standards and answer questions and concerns. Other possible topics for that program were also suggested.

The minutes from the business meeting in 2007 were approved by the members present, and it was reported that we currently have 129 paid schools and 504 members of NNLSO. The Treasurer’s Report was presented and approved, with the suggestion that we create a line item budget to help with planning.

Lylene will be seeking members to serve as area representative to attend planning sessions and help to increase membership and interest in NNLSO. She presented plaques to area reps Maryam Isles and Denise Boessen who are joining the Board and retiring board members Kathy Hartman, Patsy Crammer and Chris Butzen. All the board members who were present were introduced, and gifts of engraved key drives and purple luggage tags were presented to all members present at the luncheon.

This was a very productive and useful meeting and Orlando is an ideal place to meet. The NNLSO social was a rowdy and fun-filled night as usual, and the luncheon was impressive. Both were arranged by Jerri Cunningham, Assistant Executive Director, and she deserves special thanks.

Conny Parham
Secretary, NNLSO