2010 Annual Conference – New Orleans

The 2010 NNLSO annual meeting held in conjunction with the AACRAO annual meeting was a huge success!  Attendees enjoyed several great presentations slated by NNLSO, as well as a multitude of AACRAO sessions.   At our opening session, Lylene Pilkenton, Executive Director, welcomed everyone, including a few first time attendees who were recipients of the NNLSO First Time Attendee Grant.  Ken Pokrowski (Fordham Law School) and Alicia Cramer (South Texas College of Law) discussed survival skills for law school administrators and advancement in the profession.   This was a great way to kick-off the week of professional development.

Here is information about the other sessions that were offered by NNLSO:

Strategies for Running a More Efficient Office – Felisha McCaster (St. Louis University School of Law), Colleen Timmons (Tulane University School of Law) and Jay Ruffner (Case Western Reserve School of Law) shared ideas and strategies for running an efficient office.  This session was well attended by not only law school professionals, but by professionals from other fields as well.  Everyone enjoyed!

Law School Academic Support Programs – Profs. Michael Schwartz (Washburn University School of Law) and Paula Manning (Whittier Law School) gave an overview of law school academic support programs.  They shared the latest ideas and trends with our group.  This session really shed light on theories in law school academic support programs, what they have to offer, and the future in this very important field.

 A-Z Social Networking – This session was presented by a native of New Orleans, Chris Cole, who was kind enough to fill in for us when our presenter had to cancel at the last minute.  We so appreciate Chris’ willingness to share his expertise with us.  Chris talked about social networking opportunities and what they offer in an educational setting.

As usual, our Roundtables were well attended and provided an opportunity for members to discuss hot topics.  And ourNNLSO Social, which was held at the Grand Isle Restaurant, was well attended and a very enjoyable event.  Thank you to all the members who came out to socialize.  This event was great fun!