Why Join?

NNLSO Membership is open to all administrative personnel, including registrars, admissions officers, and other professionals, associated with any American Bar Association (ABA) accredited law school.

There are many benefits to joining NNLSO, including:

Annual Conference – Each year, at the joint ACRAAO/NNLSO annual meeting, NNSLO sponsors numerous sessions, with presentations on hot topic issues of interest to law school officers, plus sessions designed for professional development.

NNLSO Newsletters and Announcements – NNLSO Newsletters and announcements bring you opportunities within the profession to network, learn and share.  Please see the online repository for past issues of the NNLSO Journal.

Membership Directory & NNLSO Electronic Discussion – To further the growth of NNLSO and to foster networking and information sharing, a online directory, an electronic discussion list (listserv) and a discussion board are available to members.

Mentorship Program – NNLSO matches mentors and mentees within the profession, to foster supportive networking relationships.

Member Portal – NNLSO posts resources, survey results, record retention recommendations and more, for members to view in an online member portal.