Message from the Director – March 2018

Posted on March 19th, 2018

jerri-cunninghamOur profession is an evolving one, isn’t it?  Law schools are constantly evolving.  Students change (how they think, how they operate!).  Missions change.  It is our job to be flexible and try to provide service to our students and colleagues through the change.   This means there is no time to get caught up – ever – and no chance for boredom.  Well, maybe sometimes the grind gets old and we get tired.  But bored?  Never!

I think most of us would say part of our job is to think on our feet and look for reasons.  Why did enrollment in a class not make?  Why was that same class overflowing the last time it was offered?  Why do we have more students interested in pursuing an area of the law (group think/employment trends/ other)?  We are problem solvers and data producers these days and our faculty look to us for answers.  Sometimes it is our job to shed light on a new trend that they are unaware of – we have the tools and information that bring it to light.  The ability to do this comes with experience and many hours working on the issues at hand.

On top of everything else, we must look at everything we do with an eye for marketing.  We must try to think like our students think, and see things as they will see them.   It all seems a bit daunting.

The tools and experience we have provide us with a unique position within our institutions. They provide us with opportunity to make a difference.

I encourage you to take the time to develop your skillset so that you can be a part of the change and adapt to it.   Allow yourself to spend time on professional development and encourage colleagues to do so as well.    Develop a network of trusted colleagues (you are on the right path here — NNLSO is part of that equation).   And give yourself a break – the opportunity for a healthy lifestyle.  Time doing something we love is time well spent.  Find that thing and protect your time for it.   Realize that you can’t get it all done today.  That is okay.  You know how to prioritize!

Kudos to you for taking your work head-on.  I am proud to be part of this group of law school admissions and student services professionals.   I am proud of and constantly uplifted by you – my friends in NNLSO.  You understand what I am going through.   It is nice to know there are people who understand, can lend an ear, and provide advice (hello, listserv!).  Our members are giving people.  You have a heart for what you do and a heart for others doing the job, too.

I wish you a fruitful, productive and happy spring!  You deserve it!

Jerri Cunningham
Executive Director
March 2018

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