Message from the Director – November 2013

Posted on November 13th, 2013

judith-calvertNovember is one of those complicated months: The challenge is to balance the various demands on our time. We are about to embark on high-intensity tasks in our work places. Admissions officers are reviewing applicants; registrars are preparing for examination season and the particular anxiety that first-year students face. At the same time, we begin a holiday season that gives us time to share joy with our family and friends.

I would like to let you know about some initiatives the NNLSO board is undertaking. An ad-hoc committee of the Executive Committee, chaired by Eddie Upton at Ole Miss, is discussing how we can establish a model of best practices in law school record retention, particularly in the digital age. Members of the committee represent both admissions and registrar’s offices: David Berti/New England; Amy Chu/NYU; Linda Galindo/Loyola New Orleans; Craig Janecek/Yale; Sean Pine/UCLA. I’m sure the committee would benefit from hearing from you: Do you have particular questions you would like them to consider? If so, you can find Eddie’s contact information under the Regional Representatives link on this web site.

The Regional Representatives would also like to hear from you about session topics at future annual meetings. The reps will bring your suggestions for 2015 to this year’s annual meeting in Denver, so be sure to send your ideas to them.

It won’t be long before the Nominations and Elections Committee – Jerri Cunningham/Baylor, Pontus Niklasson/Washington, and Claire Wallace/UPenn – sends out a call for nominations. Put on your thinking caps about who among your colleagues (including yourself) can serve NNLSO and all its members with energy and ideas.

Last, don’t forget to renew your school’s membership for 2014 by December 31. Ask your colleagues about becoming members. The modest annual dues cover as many members as you would like to include from your school.

I hope you all will take some time in the coming weeks to relax, to celebrate, and to renew your spirits for the coming months.

Judith Calvert

Executive Director

November 2013