Message from the Director – October 2017

Posted on October 5th, 2017

jerri-cunninghamAs I take a break from working on the ABA report, it occurs to me how quickly our fall term is moving along.  Things move fast and furious in our world, don’t they?   It is important that we take care of ourselves and that we feel appreciated.  I recently read “The Happiness Advantage,” by Shawn Achor.   One prevailing idea that I took from the book is that no matter what your job title, you can make a difference.  I want to encourage you to remember that what you do is important.  We are blessed to be put in the position where we can and do make a difference, whether it be in working directly with our students, or behind the scenes.   You are a piece of the puzzle that is your law school.  You are part of helping the students in your institution achieve the goal of attaining their career path, whatever that may be.

The NNLSO board has been hard at work trying to help our organization grow.  You may be aware that there will be a NNLSO Regional Meeting in Chicago on October 20.  Colleen Timmons, Assistant Executive Director, has done a wonderful job of putting together a great program.  We expect a good turnout at the meeting.  Our goal is to “bring NNLSO to you,” whenever possible.  We hope those in the Chicago region will join us.  I know I am excited to be a part of this.

We are also well into the planning stages for the 2018 AACRAO Annual Meeting (Orlando, Florida, March 25-28, 2018) and hope that you will make plans to join us.  Anytime you have suggestions for potential programming, or you would be interested in presenting, please do let us know.  NNLSO’s strongest resource is our members!

Summer was fun, but most of us probably look back at summer and wonder where the time has gone!  I know I do.   Let’s enjoy our fall season.  Wishing you much happiness!

Jerri Cunningham
Executive Director
October 2017