Message from the Director – March 2017

Posted on March 1st, 2017



Welcome to 2017: The Year of Transition

Governance is on our minds this year. We are watching with fascination, and trepidation, the transition from the Obama Administration to the Trump Administration. And our spirits were buoyed by the extraordinary Women’s March on DC, carried out around the world – a demonstration that showed how people from all walks of life can come together to share and contrast ideas in a peaceful way.

I would like to reflect briefly on my four years as Executive Director. When I came back on the Board in 2013, legal education was facing some of its most daunting challenges. Administrators at law schools were charged with managing these challenges and helping to keep their schools on an even keel. With those challenges in mind, the NNLSO Board has launched a number of new initiatives in the past four years to facilitate our collaborative spirit. In 2013, we opened a NNLSO Facebook™ page and the following year we redesigned the NNLSO web site, an ongoing project. We put together an excellent document on Records Retention for Law Schools, which you can refer to regularly here on the web site. We revamped the committee of regional representatives to become the Membership and Outreach Committee, which plans the Welcome reception at the Annual Meeting and works together with the treasurer to keep the membership list and list serve access up to date. Most recently, we have begun discussions on our communications strategy and how that should change to reflect practices in the twenty-first century. You will find details related to the proposed changes to our bylaws which are now available here on the website for your review and will be voted upon at the annual business meeting.

In this issue, you will find details about the sessions that are planned for Minneapolis, which I think you will find informative and valuable, as well as details about the social and annual business meeting. We are experimenting this year with having the annual business meeting at the early morning session on the first day of the conference – light breakfast fare and coffee and tea will be available – in order to keep your evening time open for the NNLSO Social and all those vendor-sponsored evening events that everyone enjoys. In addition to giving the annual business report, announcing the newly elected officers and board members, greeting first-time attendees, and voting on By-Laws revisions that morning, we will also present the recipient of the 2017 Vanguard Prize.

I have been quite privileged to serve all of you over the past four years and I thank you for responding to my requests to serve on committees and participate in the governance of NNLSO. Your energetic use of the NNLSO list serve demonstrates your generous collegiality in welcoming those new to law school positions and helping each other navigate the often churning waters of law school administration.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in Minneapolis.

Judith Calvert
Executive Director
March 2017