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NNLSO Member Portal

The following resources are available to members by clicking Member Login:

Web Resources
Quicklinks to popular websites, organizations and resources (FERPA, LSAC, ABA, etc.)

Data and Best Practices
NNLSO Survey Results, Data and Compilation of Information (SIS Poll, Staffing and Salary Surveys)
Record Retention Schedule, “Recommended Best Practices for Admissions & Records Maintenance in Law Schools”

Past Conference Materials
NNLSO Session Information, Notes and Slides from:

2019 Annual Conference – Los Angeles
2018 Annual Conference – Orlando
2017 Annual Conference – Minneapolis
2016 Annual Conference – Phoenix
2015 Annual Conference – Baltimore
2014 Annual Conference – Denver
2013 Annual Conference – San Francisco
2012 Annual Conference – Philadelphia
2011 Annual Conference – Seattle


Discussion Forum

NNLSO Members can log-in to the Discussion Forum to post information, questions and answers and help one another with a variety of topics in an online discussion board format.  The discussion board is a searchable archive of topics including:

Academic Standing, Skills, & Support
Accreditation Reporting 
Bar Exam Topics
Budgeting & Structuring
Course Catalog & Curriculum Management
Course Scheduling & Registration
Faculty & Adjuncts
General Announcements
Grading & Ranking
Graduate Programs
Graduation & Diplomas
International Students, Programs, & Degrees
Job Postings, Departures and Arrivals
New Student Orientation
Session and Survey Ideas


The NNLSO Listserv allows members to send and receive messages to and from the NNLSO membership list via email. Individuals from member schools wanting to participate in the NNLSO Listserv can request access using the Contact Us feature on this website.

Antiracism Resources

The National Network of Law School Officers is committed to engaging in and advancing efforts toward diversity, inclusion, and antiracism. We know there are numerous resource lists available, but the links compiled here have been named by our members as being particularly relevant to them in their lives and work. We welcome your suggestions for additions to this list.





Journal and Newsletter Archive

An archive of electronic versions of past NNLSO Journal publications and e-Newsletters sent to the NNLSO Membership.

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