Vanguard Prize Nomination Guidelines – October 2016

Posted on October 18th, 2016

The Vanguard Prize recognizes the outstanding contributions of a member who is transforming academic services through:

• Innovative Service
• Outstanding Leadership
• Effective Administration.

The NNLSO Executive Committee is reintroducing the Prize to recognize excellence and the innovative accomplishments of our colleagues in Records and Registration positions. The $500 award is earmarked for professional development related to the recipient’s office in any form that the recipient school approves.

Award Recognition

The recipient is recognized at the annual NNLSO Business Meeting and Members’ Luncheon, which is held during the AACRAO conference. The recipient will be spotlighted in NNLSO publications, including the NNLSO web site, and he or she will also receive a copy of the letter of commendation from the NNLSO Executive Director to the Dean of the recipient’s law school.

Award Eligibility

Nominees must be current NNLSO members in good standing as of November 1, 2016. They must have held a Records and Registration position for five years. NNLSO Executive Committee members are not eligible for the award during their terms on the Board.

Award Nomination Process

• October/November Solicit nominations from membership through outreach email to full membership list.

• December 1 Deadline for submission of nominations to the Nominations and Elections Committee.

• December 15 Nominations and Elections Committee recommends a short list of candidates to the Executive Committee.

• December 20 Executive Committee approves the short list.

• January 10 Executive Director contacts the nominees by telephone or email to let them know they have been nominated; to share with them what the award criteria are and what the award recognition entails; to ask for confirmation that they want to move forward with the election process; and to inform them that the Executive Director will contact their Deans to request a letter of recommendation.

• January 30 Communication from Executive Director to Deans, requesting a letter before March 1.

• March 1 Share letters with Executive Committee for review and comment.

• March 10 Executive Committee selects a winner.

• March 15 Notify recipient. Notify the Dean about the recipient.

• March/April Announce the winner at the AACRAO conference.

Nominations for the 2017 Vanguard Prize should be sent to GaeLynn Kuchar ( by December 1, 2016.

Past Vanguard Prize Winners

2016: Jodie Panariello Needham, Assistant Dean for Academic Services, John Marshall Law School
2014: Sean Pine Treacy, Assistant Dean for Curriculum and Registration, University of California at Los Angeles, School of Law
2013: Denise Boessen, Registrar, University of Missouri School of Law
2012: Judith Calvert, Assistant Dean and Registrar, Yale Law School